FRIDAY 27th - MONDAY 30th MAY 2016
This is an amazing, mostly free festival, situated in one of Wales’ most scenic and historic spots. Established 1999

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Fishguard’s 17th Folk Festival brings together its unique mix of local talent and well-known performers to provide four days of songs, tunes and dance. Most events are still free, and whether you want to play, sing, dance or just watch and listen, there is always a choice of things to do in throughout this fun-packed friendly festival. Add in the beauty of the location on the world famous Pembrokeshire coast and you have the perfect weekend.

Mae gŵyl werin 17eg Abergwaun yn dwyn ynghyd cymysgedd unigryw o dalent lleol a pherfformwyr adnabyddus i ddarparu pedwar diwrnod o ganeuon, alawon a dawnsio. Mae’r rhan fwyaf o’r digwyddiadau yn parhau i fod am ddim, ac os ydych eisiau chwarae, canu, dawnsio neu wylio a gwrando, mae llond llwyth o bethau i’w gwneud yn ystod yr ŵyl gyfeillgar llond hwyl hon. Ychwanegwch harddwch y lleoliad ar arfordir byd enwog Sir Benfro ac fe gewch benwythnos perffaith!

Clovis Phillips - Harriet Earis
A duo instrumental concert of lively, foot-tapping Celtic harp music backed by jazz guitar. The programme will include original arrangements of Welsh, Irish and Scottish tunes along with some new compositions and jazzier numbers, everything from Celtic to ragtime!
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