FRIDAY 27th - MONDAY 30th MAY 2016

This is an amazing, mostly free festival, situated in one of Wales’ most scenic and historic spots. Established 1999

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Fishguard’s 17th Folk Festival brings together its unique mix of local talent and well-known performers to provide four days of songs, tunes and dance. Most events are still free, and whether you want to play, sing, dance or just watch and listen, there is always a choice of things to do in throughout this fun-packed friendly festival. Add in the beauty of the location on the world famous Pembrokeshire coast and you have the perfect weekend.

Mae gŵyl werin 17eg Abergwaun yn dwyn ynghyd cymysgedd unigryw o dalent lleol a pherfformwyr adnabyddus i ddarparu pedwar diwrnod o ganeuon, alawon a dawnsio. Mae’r rhan fwyaf o’r digwyddiadau yn parhau i fod am ddim, ac os ydych eisiau chwarae, canu, dawnsio neu wylio a gwrando, mae llond llwyth o bethau i’w gwneud yn ystod yr ŵyl gyfeillgar llond hwyl hon. Ychwanegwch harddwch y lleoliad ar arfordir byd enwog Sir Benfro ac fe gewch benwythnos perffaith!

Here we go/Yma rydym yn mynd...


Alaw are Jamie Smith, (Mabon) Oli Wilson-Dickson (Mabon, Szapora and The Ian McMillan Orchestra) and Dylan Fowler ( Szapora and The Ian McMillan Orchestra)
‘Alaw’ is Welsh for melody, and it is a love of melody that is at the heart of this group. Drawing on a great wealth of musical experiences Alaw take their audiences on a musical journey – a tune brought back from a tour in Bulgaria or collaboration in India – but at the heart of their set is a passion for the old tunes of Wales. From the elegant to the virtuoso, Alaw play with an empathy that comes from many years of working together. Dylan and Oliver have performed in Szapora and The Ian McMillan Orchestra ‘a bunch of top-drawer world musicians’ John Medd, Nott Eve Post. Oliver and Jamie are also well known throughout the folk world as the frontline of Jamie Smith’s Mabon; “A top band led by one hell of an accordion player” Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

Blackbeards Tea Party Voted best band at 2014 Cropredy Convention, and named THE band to see at Glastonbury by the Huffington Post, 2014 also saw Blackbeard’s Tea Party make a huge impact at festivals as diverse as Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Costa Del Folk in Spain, and the Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo. With this growing reputation, it’s hardly a surprise that they are one of the most in-demand bands on the folk circuit. Now Blackbeard’s Tea Party bring their brand of gutsy folk rock to Fishguard for the first time. Traditional songs and folk tunes are given a rock edge with playful arrangements and driving dance rhythms. This is all mixed up in an engaging, high-octane stage show that frequently leaves audiences cheering for more.”
The Hut People

Taking the audience on a musical journey around the World, English instrumental duo The Hut People have over the last 4 years proved to be one of THE most unique, entertaining and best-loved acts on the UK folk scene today. Mixing global rhythms with folk tunes from Quebec to Spain, Scandinavia to Sussex and everywhere in between, this is a quirky celebration of our rich musical heritage – and it works so well! This is a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before – expect feel-good dancing tunes, audience participation, step dancing, Quebecois foot-percussion (whilst playing the accordion!) and humour aplenty. 
Back by public demand, if you missed them in 2015, take this chance!

With their roots firmly embedded in the traditional music of Scotland & Ireland, Wild Geese have developed an electrifying style of playing the music that they love.They sing songs that tell of Witches, Knights, Selkies and many other mythical creatures,
they then blend these together with Reels, Jigs and Folk Rock
. A Wild Geese concert will take you on a journey through the mists and mountains of Scotland and Ireland, where the land is both wild and beautiful. It is a subtle mixture of the old blended with the new, that creates a sound which is a unique musical experience. Tunes and songs are played on a wide variety of musical instruments and are fused together with the haunting sound of the bagpipes


Winners of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, Talisk have already made a big impression on the folk music scene since their formation in August last year. The group also won a coveted Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections 2015 and have performed live in session on BBC Radio 2.
Mohsen Amini (Concertina), Hayley Keenan (Fiddle) and Craig Irving (Guitar) utilise their strong individual backgrounds in Irish and Scottish music to create an award winning sound. The trio’s engaging and energetic performances have already landed them slots at some of Britain’s biggest festivals, including Cambridge Folk Festival, Celtic Connections and Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival.
“Setting scary standards” – Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2
Les Barker
He's back!!!
Les Barker writes strange poems and comes originally from Manchester, but he's now Welsh. He was an accountant before he became a professional idiot. He's written 85 books, which sell in large numbers at his gigs because people don't quite believe what they've just heard. His poems have spawned a number of folk heroes: Jason and the Arguments, Cosmo the Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower, Captain Indecisive and Spot of the Antarctic, to name but two. Les began his career as assistant to Mrs Ackroyd, a small hairy mongrel who lay around in folk clubs, bit people and became famous. Mrs Ackroyd was the only dog ever to own her own record label. Since her sad demise, Les is mainly a solo performer, though he has taken to working with humans from time to time.

James Findlay Trio

Image coming soon
Murderous plays off amusing in James' new and characteristically ambitious set of tunes. A youthful blend of trad folk, exceptional musicianship and a light comic tone, James and his trio not only entrance with delightful music but entertain with unique parlance.  James comes from a family of folk singers and his enthusiasm lies firmly within the English tradition.He is particularly passionate about songs from his home counties of Dorset, Somerset and Devon. He couples this with an extensive repertoire and love for song that shows through his knowledge and understanding of the material.  2015 brings a new venture for James in introducing the Trio. The Trio shed new light on James' work, bringing a delightful new depth and an even brighter show during which it is plain to see the three enjoy playing together immensely. James is joined by accomplished Double Bassist and flautist Jon Dyer and the equally talented Mandolin and Guitarist Alfie Gidley. 
Peni Ediker, Stef Balesi, Anne Marie Summers and Lynne Denman are an exciting new band playing a captivating blend of medieval and Celtic folk music with a repertoire that spans a thousand years. Hypnotic melodies, drones and compelling rhythms on instruments such as Crwth, Harp, Bagpipes, Cittern and Hurdy Gurdy, combine with Lynne Denman's powerful, crystal-clear vocals to explore the musical heart that links us together across a diverse and tribal nation.
Rheged – An ancient Welsh kingdom which once stretched from North Wales to Southern Scotland.

Since 1999, Rapsquillion, the award-winning but grizzled veterans of the Shropshire and mid-Wales folk music scene, has, in its various incarnations, been producing its own brand of close harmony music, mostly a capella and usually based on traditional words and music.

Rob Lear
Rob Lear is an artist with undoubted quality, which shines throughout… Rob Lear commands a great respect as an artist. This is backed up in the skilful ability to write likeable, catchy and bouncy tunes that make you sit up and smile and want to hum along' - Plugged in Magazine


Three Legg'd Mare

Traditional music from England,
Wales and farther afield

For all festival enquiries mail judy.whitehouse@gmail.com

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